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Adalat is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina (chest pain).

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Where to buy nifedipine ointment What to do if you're not sure you have the illness and no symptoms The first thing to do if you think have viral haemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) is to contact your doctor. They may give you antiviral drugs and advise to take anti-viral medicine for some time while they assess your condition. The medicines you need depend on the type of fever you have. Your doctor may also tell you to take anti-viral drugs if you have other symptoms of VHFs which you think are related to the infection. Antiviral medicines Corticosteroids are medicines which a class of that are usually used to treat certain conditions. They can be used to prevent or control an infection caused by a virus. These medicines are usually prescribed in combination with other medicines. They may help to: control the symptoms of fever and flu, for example, pain fever. reduce the symptoms of other illnesses, for example, fever and headaches. prevent infections of the blood and tissues due to many viruses and bacteria. This is particularly important as it rare that a fever will cause an infection that can spread through the body. Some examples of the type virus that this medicine may stop are: septic shock HIV infection (the virus is usually transmitted through blood and semen) septicaemia meningitis chickenpox pneumonia. It may also help to stop a flu which is caused by a virus making you more dehydrated. These medicines also make people feel better for a certain time. Antiviral drugs should not be stopped unless there is reason to do so. It is important that you tell your doctor if stop these drugs, as it could lower the chance of you being cured your infection. These medicines are only for treatment. They mean that you need to take fewer of the medicines to get same effect. HIV testing If you think have the infection, your doctor will likely have you tested for HIV. This test is very reliable and you do not need any other tests. You will be advised to go away for a few days the test. If Over the counter equivalent to metformin result is negative (for example, the lab test is negative but the does not show which type of virus is causing the infection) you should go away again for the test within about 5 days of the first negative result. If you are pregnant, then will not be tested as there is little chance of passing on the infection. What happens next You will probably be taken to hospital. It is important the doctor knows how they will remove the infection. During this time, your family will be monitored around you. If you are taken to hospital within 4 hours of getting ill you will be given a specific antibiotic. You will be asked to stay in hospital until the doctor has finished removing infection. If the infection can be contained and it is not too severe or the risk is to your health, you should be discharged from hospital as soon possible. If your fever is severe or persistent, it may be necessary to stay in hospital for another day or 2. Once the infection is removed and fever well-controlled, your doctor may take one to three blood samples. The tests are usually to check that the virus in your blood has not come from contact with a contaminated needle.

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